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Tower Cranes

At the start of 2009; Washington State Labor & Industries (Electrical Inspection Division) has required that all Tower Cranes be inspected at time of erection. The requirements that UL ratings be visible on all electrical equipment installed by the crane manufacturer are mandatory. In addition, the electrical contractor must coordinate power cable suspension from the control cabinets in the operators cab to the fused disconnect at the base of the crane. In addition the crane tower base must be grounded in two places.

General Contractors are requiring “Task Lighting” be installed on tower cranes also. We have found that 1000 watt – 480V fully enclosed NEMA 3R flood lights mounted up 40 feet AGL provide ample illumination with a 100 foot diameter from the tower.

To minimize down-time waiting for L&I Inspections to occur, the electrical contractor should be sensitive to the need for tower crane service and assure the L&I Inspector maintains a coordinated schedule.

Tip of the month

Proper fall protection can save your life. In the first three months of 2015, three construction workers in Washington died from falls. Read the story at this link about a worker whose fall protection system saved him from a potential 30-foot fall.


Energy-reducing active arc flash mitigation system – A system requiring specialized equipment that will sense an arc-flash event and create an alternate path for arc fault current, reducing incident energy.

What does an approved Equivelent mean?

An approved equivalent means – This method allows for future technology or a method acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction. A circuit breaker equipped with an instantaneous trip feature which is set to trip below the level of arcing current, is an equivalent means acceptable in L&I’s jurisdiction. An arc flash study must be performed to determine the level of arcing current and the circuit breaker must be set to open instantaneously at a current level less than the minimum expected arcing current. Methods for determining expected arcing current can be found in Informative Annex D, 2015 NFPA 70E®. If this method is used, you must provide documentation to the inspector showing the minimum expected arcing current and how it was calculated.

Notice of Proposed Changes to the Factory Assembled Structures (FAS) Rules:

The Factory Assembled Structures (FAS) program is planning amendments to sections of Chapter 296-150M WAC for manufactured homes. For more information, visit the 2015 FAS rule development page on the L&I website. If you have any preliminary input on the proposed rules, please send to Alicia Curry at Alicia.Curry@Lni.wa.gov. We would appreciate your comments by Monday, August 3, 2015. You will have the opportunity to provide your comments during the public comment period. The FAS Advisory committee members will meet to review the proposed rule changes and provide advice to the department on August 20, 2015 at 1 p.m., L&I Tumwater, Room S129.

What's New
Washington State Labor & Industries has required that all Tower Cranes be inspected...
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