As a relatively new company we have a large cadre’ of clients from previous work experience. However, as we continue to grow we will update our work history. Presently, we are working on or have completed the following projects:

  • Howard S. Wright: Pre-Construction Bid Reviews with Subcontractors in Eastern Washington
  • SASCO: CSI Specification review for various design / build projects
  • Burke Electric, LLC: Grand Coulee Dam. 11.95KV Station Service – Switchyard & 15 KV Cable Replacement. During this 120 day fast-track project we served as the project management for Burke Electric. Salish Group provided interface with the Bureau of Reclamation - Construction Office Representatives (COR’s) to assure contract compliance and maintaining a safe project. We reviewed the original scope of work and then re-issued a new work plan based on a “Tactical Approach” and not a “Technical Approach”. We incorporated a high level of electrical engineering for the development of cable pulling calculations. We also utilized a Line Crew due to the heavy cables and proper rigging practices required. Over 2300 lineal feet of 35 year old 15KV – 3CC 750Kcm Armored cable was removed and replaced with new cable. In addition over 2300 lineal feet of 15KV – 3CC 250Kcm Armored cable was removed and replaced with new cable. Splicing, Terminating, Meggering, Phasing and Hi-Potting were all part of the requirements to complete prior to energizing the circuits. Daily Safety Meetings, Confined Space Entry Permitting required on site vigilance. Salish Group will also assist in the project demobilization. We discovered that the Bureau of Reclamation has a very high standard for project safety and requirements for our on-site Safety & Health Officer far exceeds OSHA 30 requirements for this position.
  • Burke Electric, LLC: Snoqualmie Falls Power Restoration
    As Sr. Project Manager over-sight of all aspects of two 7.5KV:115KV substation construction, 2 new vertical hydro-turbine generators, Restoration of four 1898 Pelton horizontal hydro-turbine generators. Project complexity due to Foreign engineering design, approximately 1500 design revisions through 4 years of construction. Major electrical work involved crews working approximately 300 feet below ground in a 450 foot long cavern, where Pelton horizontal generators were located. The project site was divided geographically from above Snoqualmie Falls to a mile below Snoqualmie Falls. Generation operations were converted from on site operators to remote telemetry control. Negotiated schedule extensions, contractual revisions to handle complex design revisions. Material procurement, Safety reviews and "Work Package" strategies to work around other contractor delays. Coordinated Start-Up, As-Builts, final project close-out and cost negotiations between Puget Sound Energy and Burke Electric.
  • Burke Electric, LLC
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